Bioware claims the next Mass Effect 3 DLC will leave you in tears

Bioware has announced that they’re working on a new downloadable content for Mass Effect 3. The next Downloadable content will be an emotional one, and it will leave you in tears. According to IGN, eight of the Bioware’s writers are involved in penning this storyline.

Designer Jos Hendricks stated the following on the Bioware forums:

It’s all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved.

In regards to music, Sam Hulick is returning according to his recent tweets:

What I’m up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC! More details on this coming later on.

Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears.

Voice actor Seth Green, who has played the role of Normandy Pilot Joker since the series’ beginning, was apparently at a recording session last week. Caroline Livingstone, who is Bioware’s voice over director, tweeted the following on Nov. 26:

@SethGreen thank you for yet another fantastic session. And thank you for being such a kind person. You are lovely!


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  • googergieger

    Getting the obvious, “well the original game made me cry for all the wrong reasons, already.” Joke. Most of the people that hated the game, seemed to have traded it in already. The few left, seemed to have stuck around for the multiplayer, and the even fewer that were okay with the ten pounds of mediocre in a five pound bag game, would literally be happy with a literal slap in the face.

    So one wonders who are they trying to sell this dlc to? The critics they paid off? The people that will literally spend money on anything? You imagine the DLC will be some half arsed reunion of your squad telling nostalgic stories that pull at the heart strings of the easily impresses masses. All the while a phoned in soundtrack that is reminiscent of the score from Homeward Bound plays in the background. I’m sure it’ll get a free pass as a 100/10 score that is a must buy because the people reviewing it can afford to start having any sort of journalistic integrity all of a sudden. Don’t worry though, not like real journalism has any of that, nowadays.

    In any case, I sold my game back within the week I got it. So I’ll pass. Waiting on next year for a batch of PS3 exclusives myself.

    • David Chase Hawisher

      Actually, I loved it. I loved it so much that it made me want to cry when I found out how bad the endings were. The game was awe-inspiring. I played ME2 four times, all the way through. I earned my happy ending, durnit. Mass Effect will always hold a special place in my heart. Just not the place I wish it held.

      • merwanor

        I played ME1 and 2 at least 4-5 times each, Doing all the content I could find, making perfect saves with different choices. Then comes ME3, which was good on many levels, and bad on some. But the ending just destroyed the whole series, and I have had no reason to replay the game with my other saves, as the choices made in them has little to no impact on what will happen.

        Mass Effect had the potential to be the absolute best game trilogy ever made, but then you did need a ending that truly makes it shine, sure the journey may be amazing, but the ending frames it.

        Bioware made to many promises that turned out to be lies, and had to little time to complete their game, I know it is cliche, but I just feel EA was somehow behind the rushed feel of ME3.

      • googergieger

        Really? The ending was about the fifth thing wrong with ME3. The dialogue throughout the game read like a Jame’s Cameron Script Writing for Dummies Mad Lib, book. The crucible was about the laziest plot device they could have thought up, in about the laziest way imaginable. The few “carry over decisions” they decided to give attention to were handled and wrapped up in about the laziest way imaginable. Almost all of Mass Effect 2 was made not to matter in the slightest because of ME3. I mean ME2 became a stand alone game, all said and done. RPG elements took a hit yet again. Almost every character was turned into a one dimensional caricature of who they used to be with one thought/idea/emotion fueling them. I mean seriously, there was so much wrong with the game, how anyone could give it a perfect or even near perfect score, is beyond me. Especially considering it is a game mostly judged on story and such.

  • Daniel Hopek

    God you people are horrible. Call yourselves mass effect fans, ME3 was a great game. It didn’t get a 9.75 and GI’s game of the month for nothing. So what if the ending wasn’t perfect, the story in the third game was great. Shepard sacrificed himself/herself to save the entire universe. A very fitting hero’s end. This game as well as the other 2 were great. Great job Bioware! Don’t let the loud whiny minority of so called “fans” discredit your work. All of my friends who played the whole trilogy liked the third game and its ending. It’s sad when a character that you built for 3 games dies, but Bioware showed us the true meaning of heroism. Sacrifice. That is all.

    • DeathbyDD

      You said it! *high five!* ^_^

  • DeathbyDD

    Oh geez. Come on you guyz! Look, no fan wanted it to end, but booing it now that its over is just silly. All of you griping about the ‘bad’ endings? Really? Any concerns about canon or continuity were well-addressed in the (free) Extended Ending DLC made just for our benefit. So…whats the problem, really? That it wasn’t a ‘happy’ ending? Come on! Its a sci fi epic drama! We’re all grown-ups, yea? Tragedies always fair the test of time better than comedies! Why,. I bet in a decade nothing but glowing nostalgia will permeate every conversation of Mass Effect, including the final installment. I for one am SUPER excited for all the extra stories! hooray for more DLC! ^_^

  • merwanor

    Only game that has really made me have some tears in my eyes is Walking Dead, ME has lost all notion of emotional content since they released the immensely disappointing ME3.

    The game itself is ok, some parts of it is gaming at its finest, but even though it is cliche to bring up the endings, they had such an impact on me that you could call it sadness brought on by a game, but not in a good way. As I got really sad and depressed by how horrible the ending was.

    It is better with the EC, but the damage was done and they truly dropped the ball on this franchise. I have lost all interest in the Mass Effect Universe, I have not even touched the game again since release, and I played the previous games like 5 times each.